Our Story

It all started when one of our 3 founders read an article about the German Olympic ski team using non-alcoholic beer as part of their recovery. An avid skier himself (as well as a world masters beach sprinting gold medallist) his interest was well and truely piqued.

He soon spoke to one of his old mates who knew a bit about marketing drinks (during his time with a group that sounds like Bellagio) and the non-alc business having headed up a non-alc gin (that may or may not rhyme with Heedslip) and the wheels began to turn.

The third of those wheels was then added in the form of this writer, lover of beer and floundering middle-aged Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player.

We wanted to create a beer that was delicious first and foremost. But we didn’t want to just make another beer. There’s plenty of those. Rather we started the journey to create a brand that celebrates getting “Out Here”. Enjoying adventures. Thriving in challenges. Feeling good about achievements, no matter if it’s Olympic gold or simply getting through another season of 4th grade footy.

It isn’t about giving up the booze. It’s about knowing that there’s plenty of times when it’s just better to not reach for the full strength. Plus, there’s all that good stuff in beer (read about it here) that you still get without the less than fresh feeling the next day.

So come join us Out Here.

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