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***** The Real Deal!

I like my AF beer to taste like I’m drinking the real thing. Especially that immediate after taste where so many AF beers let me down. Frisbee in the Park is the real deal. If
you like a refreshing beer or three in the afternoon that tastes like a real
Pale Ale and want to hit the road early in the morning for a run, put this pack
in your fridge. Drink up. Cheers.


There isn’t a lot of bitterness first up, this one is all about a rich chunky malty middle. Strangely the finish is quite crisp…and it makes this one all the better for it.

This is a tasty, super easy to drink pale ale.

Alcohol Free World

***** Really Good!

It’s reasonably mild (which I personally like), but also has a lot of flavour. Will be purchasing again. Also cute packaging.

Naomi K


We also love it OUT HERE. That’s why we’re creating delicious brews that do away with the "not so fresh" days after. We're not about giving away the full strength stuff all together. It's just we all know that there are times when we need to pull back the throttle. Ease off a bit. Not always go full send.

Because when you rise with a clear head, life’s goodness awaits. We’re for the dawn-chasers, the go-getters and believers in epic tomorrows.  For the willing and the brave, seeking out the rewards that come with giving it a crack. We’re for the simple life, the small things, the stuff that really matters. 

There's a heap OUT HERE, when you start with our beer.

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